Why Do the Hair Dye Results Vary for the Same Shade?

When you view all photos of one colour together e.g. all Special Effects Atomic Pink photos or all Manic Panic After Midnight Blue, you may notice that the hair dye results can vary from person to person with colours ranging from a medium-light result to a dark or neon shade. There are many factors which can cause the photos in the gallery to show varying results and the following gives some of the reasons that may cause this:

The person using the dye may have used in on hair that had been bleached to any colour e.g. Atomic Pink applied over very pale lemon hair tends to give much brighter hair dye results than when it is dyes over bleached to orange hair. Some people also use the dyes over unbleached darker hair and we would mention this in the photo information you see when you hover over any photo as well as putting these in our unbleached section.

Hair Type:
The porosity, damage and general condition of the hair will affect the hair dye results with some hair types holding the dye better creating longer more vibrant results - different brands and individual shades will give varying results from person to person. Some hair types can be unevenly porous and these porous sections can 'trap' the colour creating a patchy result with uneven fading. These Semi-Permanent hair dyes usually don't penetrate and change the hair colour as permanent dyes do and instead 'coat' the hair with the dye colour - the more porous the hair the more the dyes can 'hold onto' the hair shaft and the longer the colour may last.

When conditioner has been used on the hair prior to using the dyes it can act as a barrier and stop the dye from sticking to the hair thus giving a weaker/lighter hair dye result.

Washing Your Hair:
Some types of shampoo can strip the colour from the hair quicker so although a photo may have been taken after only 1-2 washes it may appear lighter than normal due to the type of shampoo used. How often the hair is washed and also if hot, warm or cold water is used can also affect the final hair dye result.

Mixing Dyes:
The dyes can be mixed together to create new colours or lightened using conditioner or toner/mixers - where we are told of this we mention it in the photo information however it is possible a person may have added a little colour to the dye such as adding some Napalm Orange to Atomic Pink to give a more orange/pink shade but if they have told us they only used Atomic Pink we have to rely on this information being correct. If a photo looks very different from the 'normal' hair dye results then we would contact the person to check if the dye was mixed prior to applying so that the information on the photo is as acurate as possible.

Base Colour:
The customers base colour can have a big impact on the final hair dye result e.g. if Atomic Pink was applied over faded blue hair then the result may have a slight purple tint to it, also if pink dye is applied over yellow dyed or bleached hair it may get a slight orange glow to it.

Time Since Dyeing:
Hair is normally at its brightest when first dyed however sometimes it may take 1 or 2 washes before the hair looks more like the expected shade e.g. sometimes purple dyes can look more blue to begin with until after the first couple of washes when it settles down to a more purple shade. If the photo has been taken very soon after dyeing then the colour result may seem a bit more intense than you would normally expect e.g. more blue than purple, or more red than pink etc. Similarly if the photo has been taken after many washes the results may appear lighter than you would normally expect (where the colour has obviously faded we mention this in the photo information).

Camera Settings:
Individual camera settings can greatly alter the photo result e.g. the exposure or flash setting of the camera can make the result look neon in some cases - where possible we mention if flash has been used when the photo was taken.

Room Lighting:
The lighting of the room when the photo was taken can make the difference between a colour looking neon or dull e.g. photos taken directly under a bright bulb will look much more vibrant in general than a photo taken with only wall-lights on. Obviously if the photo is taken outside or in natural light then the photo results will vary on the weather/sunlight at that time.

Customer Alteration:
Some customers may have digitally altered their photos prior to sending them to us - if colours have been obviously enhanced we would tend not to add those photos to the gallery, however in cases where people have been creative e.g. making a photo look black & white whilst leaving sections in colour then we would add these to the gallery in most cases so long as the hair dye colour does not appear to have been changed/enhanced.

Where a photo is submitted that is different from the expected shade for that dye we would generally still add these to the gallery so that visitors can see as many of the possible results without just seeing page after page of the same 'standard' shade that not everyone will achieve. Where a photo shows a very different result to the expected one we would tend not to show these photos in the gallery as the result is more than likely down to person error when bleaching or dyeing or could be due to the camera/lighting conditions when the photo was taken.

Beeunique may re-size photos to fit in the gallery and will on occasion lighten a dark photo or remove a date or name stamp etc but in general we tend not to change the actual look and shade of the dye result shown in the photo.