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How Can I Contact You?

For Beeunique enquiries our address, email, phone and contact form can be seen here: Contact Us.  For Gallery enquiries you can use the Hair Dye Gallery Contact Form

How Can I Help To Promote Beeunique and/or The Gallery?

You can mention or link to us on your Social Media account, Blog or Website.
Recommend us on a forum.
Tell your friends.
Request some free business cards with your for your friends etc.
More information and banners can be seen Beeunique Links

What Else Do You Sell?

As well as the hair dyes we also sell bleaching kits, hair dye accessories such as clips, gloves, combs, bowls etc.  We also sell unusual and kitsch jewellery and a range of alternative accessories which we are hoping to expand this coming year.


Do You Have A Hair Dye Forum?

Yes, In November 2009 after repeated customer requests we set up a Hair Dye Forum where you can post photos, chat about anything hair related, ask for help, view guides etc. There are a few thousand members and even sections on alternative clothing, piercings, tattoos etc.

How Can I Submit My Photo To Your Gallery?

You can submit your photo(s) via the Beeunique Add Photo Form.  You can alse send links to your photos the same way.

How Can I Amend My Details on Your Gallery?

Please contact us giving your full name and email address along with details of any changes. Please note we would always check details match those submitted to ensure the person who submitted the photo is the same person making the changes.

Have The Photos In Your Gallery Been Altered?

We resize photos to fit the standard gallery size and in some cases may lighten the photo if the image is darker, however we do not change the overall colour result of the hair. The larger the variation of colour results the more visitors to the gallery can get an idea of true possible results.

Why Do The Photo Results Vary For One Colour/Shade?

Hair dye results depends on base colour, hair porosity, dye used and hair condition among other things. Where a person has said the dye was used on unbleached hair or over another colour etc we would include this in the photo information (underneath each photo). Photo type, lighting and whether flash was used can also make photo results vary. More information can be on our Different Hair Dye Results page

What Photos Can I Submit?

We accept photos of Special Effects, Manic Panic, Crazy Color, Directions , Rebellious, Adore, Pravana, Headshot, Herman’s & Stargazer hair dyes. Photos can show any combination of mix of colours and the dyes do not have to be purchased from us.  You must own the copyright to any photo you submit to the gallery.

Where Do You Get Your Photos?

The majority of our photos are submitted to us by visitors to this gallery or people who buy from us on Beeunique. If we see a photo we like on a forum or other website we would contact the poster/owner to ask permission to add their photo to our gallery. We never use any photo without permission.

Where Did You Get My Photo?

Beeunique will only use a photo that has been submitted to us by the owner or when a poster/owner has given us permission to use a photo we have seen of theirs. If you believe we have a photo of you that you do not recall giving your permission for us to use please contact us giving your name, email address and details of the photo in question. We keep detailed records of who each photo was submitted by and would be able to confirm where permission to use the photo came from.

Hair Dye

Can I See All Hair Dyes Together?

We have created a new page that shows all similar colours together e.g. all pinks together from the nine brands we sell. This should make it easier for customers to see at a glance which all colours across the brands as well as to see which colours compliment each other. All Hair Dyes by Colour

Where Can I Buy These Dyes?

Beeunique sell the full range of Special Effects, Manic Panic, Stargazer, Directions, Crazy Color, Herman’s Amazing, Adore, Rebellious, Headshot and Pravana hair dyes.

Where Can I Find Out More About These Hair Dyes?

Please see our Beeunique Hair Dye FAQ page which shows a full list of ingredients, bottle sizes, hints and tips and other frequently asked questions about semi-permanent hair dyes.

What Are The Ingredients Of These Hair Dyes

A full list of ingredients for Special Effects, Manic Panic, Crazy Color, Headshot, Herman’s, Adore, Pravana, Rebellious, Stargazer and LaRiche Directions semi-permanent hair dyes can be seen on our Hair Dye Ingredients page.

How Do You Get A Good Result From Your Dye?

For best results these types of semi-permanent hair dyes should be used on light or bleached hair. With darker hair the results may only show a sheen or hint of colour and would normally fade faster. For more information please view our hair dye hints and tips pages


Where Do You Get Your Reviews?

Hair Dye Reviews come from customers and visitors to this website and to Beeunique. For customer security only first names or alias are listed beside reviews.

How Can I Submit A Review?

If you are a customer of Beeunique (or create an account) you can login and review any product on the website. You can also submit a review with no registration required by clicking on the relevant product on Beeunique and then ‘Add A Review’

All reviews will need to be approved before they appear on the website.

Do I Need An Account To Submit A Review?

No, nor do you need to have to purchase an item from us in order to review it. The only requirements are that you have used the item in the past and that your review is honest and not slanderous or rude. All reviews will require approval before they are added to the website and once approved they will show on Beeunique. You can write a review by clicking on any product and then the ‘Write A Review’ or ‘Add A Review’ button underneath the product photo. You do not need to create an account to make a review – you can leave one as a guest or login if you already have an account with us. All reviews are the opinion’s of our customers & visitors and not necessarily of Beeunique.


If your question was not answered please contact us or post a question in our Hair Dye Forum

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