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View Crazy Color photos sent in by people who have actually used these hair dyes. Crazy Color is a well known and popular brand of semi-permanent hair dye with a wide range of colours. Bottles are 100ml and colours can last upto 15 washes, although some shades may last longer.   No animal testing & vegan friendly

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Why Do The Photo Results Vary for One Colour?
As with all semi-permanent hair dyes, Crazy Color photos results depends on base colour, hair porosity, dye used and hair condition among other things. Where a person has said the dye was used on unbleached hair or over another colour etc we would include this in the special effects photos information (hover mouse over photo). Photo type, lighting and whether flash was used can also make photo results vary. More information can be on our Different Hair Dye Results page.

About The Hair Dye Gallery
Beeunique’s Hair Dye Gallery was created in 2008 so viewers can see what the dyes can truely look like.  It has thousands of real alternative hair dye results with various styles and colour combinations shown.  Pictures include newly dyed photos to faded and under uv light photos.

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We currently accept photos for Manic Panic, Adore, Herman’s Amazing, Stargazer, Directions, Crazy Color,  and Headshot Hair Dyes. You do NOT have to buy the dyes from Beeunique, and can submit your crazy color photos by using our Add Photo To Gallery form.

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