Crazy Color Hype - Pigments

Crazy Color Hype is a new range of concentrated hair dyes.

You choose your base, add your pigments(s) and create unique colours.  Add several pigments for a wide variety of shades or add less pigment for a more pastel colour.  With Hype you have a choice of bases – the new Crazy Color HoldUp shampoo, Crazy Color Rainbow Conditioner or Crazy Color Neutral Mixer. 

The shampoo and conditioner come in 250ml bottles while the pigments are 50ml – put you only need one pump of the pigment to start creating your new ‘custom’ dye.

Crazy Color Hype - Bases

Dyes should last around 3-5 washes. Unfortuantely not all companies are like Beeunique who encourage and embrace bright hair colours so these are ideal for those wild weekends or breaks from work!

You can use these to create new dyes or for topping up existing colours and as with all semi-permanent hair dyes, these will work best on prelightened hair.

These are salt and sulfate free as well as vegan friendly & cruelty free

You can purchase Crazy Color Hype from the Beeunique website – it will be in stock in approx 1 week

And you can see more information including instructions for use on our All About Crazy Color Hype faq page

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