Manic Panic Tester Dye

Manic Panic Tester Dyes are a new product on Beeunique.  We added these last week and they have already sold out – more will be added very soon.  These are briliant for testing out a new brand or colour without buying the larger 118ml pots. Manic Panic sell these as Mini hair dyes.

Testers are something we are always asked about but have been unable to sell. We are so pleased Manic Panic have brought these out so people can dye small hair sections or try a new colour.  

Manic Panic Mini Dyes are only 25ml so great for rainbows or hair streaks.  You can also mix these dyes together to create new shades or lighten with a little conditioner or toner to pastelise and lighten the colour.  

You can purchase them here – Manic Panic Tester Dyes

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