Special Effects Bottles

We have received confirmation from Special Effects Hair Dye that they are shipping more of their colours this month!  Several shades have been out of stock since their premises move at the end of 2016 but are thankfully now back in production.

Special Effects Hair Dyes shipping NOW:
Joyride, Napalm Orange, Wildflower, Blue Mayhem, Cherry Bomb, Atomic Pink, Electric Blue, Nuclear Red, Deep Purple, Blood Red, Virgin Rose, Pimpin Purple & Cupcake Pink.
– these will be in stock on Beeunique in approx 2 weeks.

Special Effects Hair Dyes shipping in approx 4 weeks:
Fish Bowl, Candy Apple Red, Iguana Green, Burgundy Wine, Hot Lava, Sonic Green, Devilish, Hi-Octane Orange & Toner/Mixer
– we will update on a delivery date once we receive confirmation they have been shipped.

You can see photos/examples of Special Effects Hair Dye results here – Special Effects Photos


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