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Animal Friendly & Vegan Hair Dyes

We have created a new blog on the Beeunique website all about which hair dyes are animal friendly. It gives more information on animal testing, animal by-products and which are fully vegan hair dyes.

You can see the full article on our Beeunique blog page – Animal Friendly Hair Dyes

There are different categories for Animal and Vegan hair dyes:

Animal Friendly – this means a product contains no animal ingredients, but it can still contain animal by-products (e.g. honey) or it can still be tested on animals.

Cruely Free – this means the product has not been tested on animals, but it can still contain animal ingredients.

Vegan Friendly – this means the products contains no animal ingredients and no animal by-products, but it can stil have been tested on animals.

Beeunique regularly checks with all our suppliers and/or manufacturers to see which products we can class as animal-friendly or fully vegan hair dyes.


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